About Us

iChatalot is a free online chat community.  If you want to know more about who we are, why we came about and our plans for the future then read on!

Who are we?

To fully answer this question it is best to understand why iChatalot was created....

Why create iChatalot?

The roots for iChatalot begin way back when the modern day version of the internet was in its infancy.  During this period online chatting was extremely popular, especially online chat rooms.  It was so popular that it was easy to find busy chat rooms.  It was also around this time that Instant Messenger applications started to sprout up too, making it even easier to chat online.

The great thing about online chatting is that anyone can chat to anyone else in the world.  This would also assist a generation in the dismantling of cultural misperceptions.  It bypassed other prejudices too, mainly personal appearances.  This was back in the days before digital cameras, and camera phones, were common place and to get a picture online a physical photograph would have to be scanned.  A lot of people didn't have access to a scanner, so most of the time online chatters would make friends with someone and have no idea what they physically looked like.

The popularity of chatting to online strangers proved to be its downfall.  The big online players soon started buying up chat rooms and instant messenger services, but they didn't truly understand what online chatting meant to the people who used it.  The plan of these online corporations was to make a quick profit by cashing in on the latest online phenomenon.  Once popular chat services faltered under this new corporate management and died a slow sad death.  Chat rooms were also heavily adversely affected by negative sensationalist stories in the media, which painted a false picture of chatting online and physical safety.

The internet has evolved from those early days and now social networking is aimed at people who already know one another, allowing them to keep in contact easily with people from their past and present.  Online dating sites are also now completely socially acceptable.  But what about people who just want to chat online with complete strangers, with the primary motivation of just wanting to chat to someone new with no strings attached?

There are still places out there that cater for online chat to strangers from around the world, but there aren't many of them.  There are even fewer sites out there that truly care about chatting online or about the community that use their service.  Most of them only care about $$$, and their sites are littered with fake profiles, spammers and bots.  We know this because we use those sites ourselves to chat.

So, who are we?

We are people who love to chat online!  Having become disillusioned with other sites that don't seem to understand the community they serve, we've decided to have a go ourselves at setting up the perfect online community for those who love to chat online with complete strangers.

We hope you enjoy our site and visit often, and we'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions regarding improving the site or just to tell us what we're doing right..........or wrong!

Happy chatting!

The iChatalot Team